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We buy houses Gun Barrel City

We buy houses Gun Barrel City

We are now expanding our business to not only buying mobile homes on land but regular “stick built” houses as well. So if you want to sell your house in Gun Barrel City for cash, give us a call at (512) 534-8040 because we buy houses Gun Barrel City.

Now how does the whole “We buy houses Gun Barrel City” thing work? Well it’s pretty simple actually. You can get a fast cash offer in three steps

Step 1: Call the we buy houses Gun Barrel City team at (512) 534-8040 or click here to fill out our online form.

Step 2: We look at your home. Sometimes we will just get a home inspector to inspect it, other times it will just be a quicker visit.

Step 3: We crunch our numbers and make you a CASH OFFER!

That’s it! The process is that fast.

Now a question we get a lot is what will the We buy houses Gun Barrel City team pay your for your Gun Barrel City house? We pay between 65-70% of your house’s After Repair Value (ARV).

So what that means is we first need to figure out what the market value of your home is when the home is “move in ready”. This is the ARV. Once we know that we then need to figure out our repair costs. These can be basic things like paint and carpet. But they can also be more extensive things like HVAC systems, roofs etc.

We calculate those repairs. From there we have our “we buy houses Gun Barrel City” buying formula which is:

(ARV-repair costs) x 70% = what we can pay.

So for example if the ARV of a home is $100,000. And there are $10,000 worth of repairs needed.

($100,000-$10,000) x 70%

($90,000) x 70% = $63,000

Now if all this writing is making your head hurt, feel free to watch the “Sell my house Gun Barrel City” video instead!


we buy houses gun barrel city

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