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New testimonial: I Buy Mobile Homes in Austin, TX

I buy Mobile Homes in Austin, TX

Here is a video testimony from a very nice man named Garvis Hadley whose mobile home I just bought. I buy mobile homes in  Austin, TX and watch the video below to see how the experience went for Mr Hadley.

How I buy mobile homes in Austin, TX

Mr Hadley contacted me after I sent him several of my I buy mobile homes in Austin, TX postcards. Apparently my persistence worked as I got a call from him and went to look at the home. It was in good condition and located at my favorite park in Austin – Branch Creek Estates.

I looked through Mr Hadley’s home and was able to run some numbers and give him an offer right on the spot. Now I can’t always do this but I’m very familiar with the park and had a pretty good idea of what I could sell the home for. When I buy mobile homes in Austin, TX I prefer to buy them at parks I’ve already worked in.

Mr Hadley agreed to my price and we shook hands on the deal. He needed some money for moving costs which we agreed to settle up on a week before the actual move took place. When he was ready, I met up with him again, signed some purchase agreement paperwork and gave him some money for the move.

Mr Hadley and I met for the last time the morning of his move. We signed the SOL application form and I gave him the balance owed on the home. He was also kind enough to do the video testimonial that you can watch above showing how I buy mobile homes in Austin, TX

Once I bought the home, I had it repainted and put in new flooring throughout. I got rid of most of the stuff Mr Hadley left behind. The home is now ready for sale and anyone interested can contact Vicky or MJ at Branch Creek Estates in Austin

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I buy mobile homes in Austin, TX

I buy mobile homes Austin TX

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