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How to Find a Cash Buyer for your Mobile Home

Cash is king. Everyone knows that. And in the mobile home world, everyone is always looking for a cash buyer. The problem is they can be hard to find. Most of the mobile home sellers I meet have no real idea. When I tell them I’m a cash buyer for your mobile home they are all ears because I’m usually the only one they meet.

There’s really no secret to finding a cash buyer for your mobile home. The key is to advertise and to advertise smartly. And by smartly I mean doing things that are free or close to it. There’s no need to spend a lot of money and most of the time it doesn’t work.

There are really five areas you should focus on to find a cash buyer for your mobile home.


Five ways to find a cash buyer for your mobile home

#1 Craigslist. I know that many people use craigslist already but I’m pretty surprised at the number of people who don’t use it. Craigslist is an free, easy way to find a cash buyer for your mobile home. Make sure to post in the Real Estate – By Owner section not the “For Sale” section.

Put “cash buyers only” in the title and the body of your post. Also make sure to take a few good pictures. People are much more likely to look at a home with pictures. Take one of the exterior, one of the kitchen, one of the main bedroom, and one of the main bathroom.

#2 Postlets. Postlets is another free service that will advertise your home on Zillow, Yahoo, and several other big real estate sites. Make sure to put “cash buyers only” everywhere. If you have a slightly more expensive mobile home or live in a fancier park, you may find more serious buyers through Postlets than you will through craigslist.

#3 A “For Sale by Owner” sign. Now this may seem way too obvious but you’d be surprised how many people I meet who want to sell their mobile home but for some reason want to keep it a secret. I can understand not wanting to be hassled but you need to advertise your mobile home to find a buyer. And the better you advertise, the sooner you’ll find a cash buyer for your mobile home.

So put a sign in your yard or your window and print your phone number in big bold print. It drives me crazy when I drive by a For Sale sign where the numbers are tiny and impossible to read. Why go to all the trouble of buying a sign only to make it hard to read? The key to selling your mobile home fast is to make it as easy as possible for your buyer.

#4 Your neighbors. Whether you love or hate your neighbors, you should let them know that you’re selling your mobile home. If you live in a mobile home park, you can print up some flyers and go door to door handing them out. I’d recommend offering a referral fee where you pay someone a few hundred dollars if they find you a buyer. Let them do the work for you!

Many times your neighbors will have friends or relatives that they want to live near. If you don’t tell them your home is for sale, they may never know. This is especially true in a mobile home park where they may never drive by your home and therefore won’t see your legible “For Sale” sign sitting up in the yard.

#5 The Park Manager. If you live in a mobile home park, the first person you should talk to about selling your mobile home is the park manager. They meet potential cash buyers for your mobile home all day long. People are constantly coming in the office, calling them on the phone, and emailing them. The park manager usually will need to qualify any buyer you get to live in the park anyway, so it’s better to have them motivated to find you a buyer.

One idea you can try is offer to have the park manager broker the sale. This means they will get a commission if they find you a buyer. I’ve used this tactic several times and it’s worked very well for me.

Central Texas cash buyer for your mobile home

Now of course if you live in central Texas and are looking for a cash buyer for your mobile home, your first stop should be me at Carter Buys Mobile Homes! However, if you don’t, these five tactics have worked well for me and they should work for you as well.

Cash buyer for your mobile home


Cash buyer for your mobile home







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